Here are softwares for your Series 60 phone. There are a few more that I've yet to put up. If you'd like to contribute (only freewares) do contact me at:

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Chat - Discuss your various softwares and their workings with others!!

Softwares (these would be mostly for Series 60 phones)

 - Girls (these are the files you need to get your Mobile Girl software working)

    Girls1      Girls2     Girls3    Girls4     Girls5 (NEW)   Girls6 (NEW)  

Please read the FAQ before mailing me about any questions about Mobile Girl.

- Doom - The classic immortal FPS game (now also a movie) for your cell phone!!

- EBook maker - Very useful to make .prc files from text files.

- Read M - To read eBooks, more suitable for plain text format.

- Handy eBook - To read eBooks in prc format. Demo version.

- Symbianware eBook - To read eBooks in both prc and text format. For Nokia 3650, 7650.

- Symbianware eBook - For Nokia 6600, OS 7.

- The Holy Quran -  In English, in prc format. Complete translation

- The Holy Quran - In Arabic.

- The Holy Bible - In eBook format.

- Wallpaper Changer - Bored of the same old wallpapers. Well, take help of the wallpaper changer.

- Harry Potter Enclycopedia - This one is pretty rare. For all the Harry Potter fans!!




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