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Weird as it may seem, until recently, it was a common belief that Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) was an imagined disease (some imagination!).

It was only three decades ago that PMS gained importance in popular discussion forum. It was proposed in Britain as a valid criminal defense in the 1980s .

If someone thinks that they can quickly brush up on the symptoms of PMS then they better think again. At last count there were about two hundred different symptoms of PMS.


The three most prominent symptoms are : 


Here in this Crossword you will find things that make women cross when they undergo PMS:



With so many symptoms it is easy to diagnose a variety of problems such as chronic depression, infections, and outbursts of frustration as PMS, if they happen to coincide with the premenstrual period.  Moral of the story - don’t jump the gun, everything is not because of PMS!

So let us explore what PMS actually is.


And er…PMS… does NOT stand for PRE MARITAL SEX!


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