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Think its weird writing a walkthrough for a game that has come

out like four years ago? Yeah, me too. But yesterday (29th Mei,'04)

I saw the first Tomb Raider movie again. And today I'm back playing

the Chronicles again. And as long as I'm playing it for the umpteenth

time I might as well work on the walkthrough. Better four years late

than never.


Sometimes I haven't been too specific about items you get and have

fumbled with words to describe things. Please bear with me. Also at

times I have excluded direction details when you have to make a series

of jumps to reach to a specific end point. You'll have no problem

finding it on your own, I guess!!


Every time a say secret, I mean one of those golden roses. There are

thirty six throughout the game and you have to collect them all. If

you do, you'll get secret features in the options menu and this stuff

is really great. Good luck with that. Also when I say default keys, I

mean default PC keys.



                    TOMB RAIDER 5: CHRONICLES



In the end of Tomb Raider 4 Lara Croft ( Lady Croft for those who have

seen the first movie) goes missing. And hereby Von Croy is condemned to

the depths of Hell and the only way to seek redemption is to search for

Lara. While Von Croy lays his life waste, Lara's friends gather in her

mansion and talk about her adventures. Yeah, the girl sure has had some.

Thus begins our game.





The walkthrough from here on will be as spoiler free as possible.



                   STREETS OF ROME



The Opera back stage entrance will lead you to the training area. You

might want to perfect your jumps, climbing ability and a whole new rope

walking talent that Lara has picked up over the summer. There are a few

items you can get here. Above the monkey crawl structure are some flares.

Again after getting into the swimming pool follow the tunnels to the room

you are supposed to come out in, but instead head through the hole in the

floor following a maze of tunnels to get to a room with Shotgun ammo,

Medipack and Uzi clips. In the rope walking area make Lara fall off the

rope which is a charm to watch but wastes life. Search all the shelves

in the next room. To search go near a shelf and press action. Push inside

the black shelf for Revolver ammo and the shelf in the right wall to get

to another room and get a secret(1). Now get out to the streets.


Once out in the streets, go ahead and to your left. Take out your guns

and kill the dog that rushes at you. Jumping upon the fountain will

protect you. Take a running jump from the fountain to the sun shade,

climb up and take the flares. Get down and go through the alley that

lies to the right of the doorway you made your entrance through. At the

end of the alley press action for Lara to open a door somewhere else.


Now head back through the doorway and head right. Again put Lara's hand

in the Lion's mouth to raise a stone block. Beware of bats. Climb onto

the block and then onto the building. Go through it to the other side.

Get down. Shoot the first window here to get ammo. The second window,

when you follow the bend in the hallway, to your right has medipack.

Go down the stairs first. Open the door to your right to get medipack

and ammo. Beware of the dog, by the way. Go up the stairs to the

third window.



The third window will show a new way. Jump and shoot it and climb up.

Take a standing jump to the other side. Take the key from the room to

your left and follow the path to end up above the sun shade. Jump down.

Do a backward flip. Shoot the dog, climb down the sun shade and use the

key to open the door ahead.


Go in only to have Larson shoot at you. Before going up head left and

get the first Garden key. Now go upstairs. Larson is at the other side

now. Seems like he too was busy this summer (with the rope walking trick

and everything). Shoot back till he runs. Now to go to the other side.

Walk the rope. Climb down. Go through the pathway to your left. In the

room here take Revolver ammo. The locked gate has a secret. Head up the

stairs. Halfway up take the Revolver. Head up. Push open the doors. Take

Laser Sight. Aim at the lock. Use 'Ins' key for scope. Zoom using '>' key

(default). '?' for zoom out. Shoot lock, take second garden key. Rats

attack!! Now go all the way to the other side of the garden. Put in the

two garden keys in their slots. The other garden door has opened.

Go in. Cut-scene.


Now go to the back of the building. See the doorway. Go through it. You

end up in the upstairs courtyard. Climb up the stairs of the structure.

Lara focuses at the bell. Take a hint and shoot at it. If you are standing

straight in front of the bell, head to your left. Climb up and take a

standing jump to the other side. Activate the switch. Now you can do a

safety drop down and head to the room downstairs where you got Revolver

ammo. The gate that was locked earlier has opened. Look in the shelves

for the secret(2). Head all they way up to the Bell courtyard. Remember

where Pierre and Larson were talking. If you climb onto the wall and

reach the other side near the rooftops till there you will get ammo

and medipack. Get back to the Bell courtyard. Go inside building.


Two black birds. Go through the doorway to your left. Follow till you

reach a switch. Activate it. Now climb up to the white bird and press

action to turn it. Now head through the right doorway. Go up. Fall off

the edge and press action to grab it. Now traverse across it to reach

a switch. Activate it and get down. Turn the other bird. A door has

opened in the Bell courtyard. Before that climb over the wall to your

right and  standing jump into the opposite room where the switch for

the room you just came out of was. Take medipack and secret(3). Go

back to the Bell courtyard and through the open door to get the

item. Cut-scene.



                    TRAJAN'S MARKET



Go to the room to your right. Shoot the box. Take item. Now head out

and to the room to your left. Shoot box, take crowbar. Get out of here.

See the room with the steel door up ahead. Use crowbar to open door.

Climb up. On the window ledge is an item. Get it and head to the other

side. After a series of jump you'll see a cut-scene with a number of

wheels. Go to the room with the wheels. Do a safety drop down.


Now climb up the ladder that is behind the pillar, second from the

last, opposite to the wheels. You'll find yourself on the middle

ledge. Jump across to the first ledge to your right. Pull the lever

three times, each getting you a cut-scene. Now head back to the

middle ledge. Get the ammo you see in the alcove. Onto the third

ledge now. Pull lever thrice. Cut-scene. Do safety drop down or

climb down the ladder and head through the opening. But first head

left and climb up. Take the stone from here using the crowbar.


Beware of the rats. Use the stone in its place below the statue.

Don't worry it won't come to life but a gate opposite to you sure

opens. Head through it. But before that head to the part of the room

opposite to the gears. Go down the open trapdoor to get secret(4) and



Follow the path till you reach a pool. Before jumping in go ahead

and to the right to get some revolver ammo. Jump into the pool.

Climb out. Take items. There is a mechanical monster waiting. You

have to aim for its eyes but beware it is dangerous to show yourself.

Just hide behind the doorway so that you won't get hurt and zoom in

with your laser sight to its eyes. Two shots and you can walk tall.


Go down take the Mars stone. In the red room behind jump to grab the

structure just above you, climb up, jump to the crate and take

secret(5). See the trap door in the room the monster fell? Open it

(stand next to it keeping the red room to your right and press action)

and go down.


Follow the path and jump into water. Keep the fan below in mind. First

alcove has a medipack. Come back for a breather, now head through the

opening to the right of the alcove. Swim till you reach a room. Take

item. Now go near the wheel and press action. Lara will pry it loose

and take it. Now go all the way back to the red room. Use the wheel on

the lever like structure. And then use it to stop the fans in the water

from rotating. Go back again to the waters. Now head towards the fans

below and through the opening. Follow it. On the way you can stop by a

room for a breather and a medipack. Go on ahead till you reach another

room with a fan. Nearby you can climb out of water in another room.


Activate the wheel to stop the fan and head back to there. Climb out

of the water in the opening ahead. Take Shotgun and ammo. Statue comes

to life. Use the shotgun on him. Shoot till he falls. Window still has

medipack and Uzi clips. Head through the window. Before jumping into

the pool go out to where you got out of the gear room. Head opposite

direction, go through the open door and take secret(6).


Jump again into the pool. See the door to the left that opened?

Go through it and take Venus stone. Swim ahead and climb out onto the

courtyard. Cut-scene. Shoot at Larson till he meets his fate. Now take

care of the Gargoyles. After the three of them are done for, collect

the shotgun ammo, you might also collect it before and use it upon the

gargoyles. Use the Mars stone and Venus stones in their places. Door

opens. Go through the door. Running jump. And another jump. As soon

as you end up in front of the stone you slide to the next level.



                THE COLOSSEUM



Go straight ahead. To your right you'll see a block with a design. Push

it in to get a secret(7). Head on to the rocky pathway. Half-way across it

falls apart. Jump quickly to the other side. Again safety drop grabbing

the edge of the ledge. Traverse to the opening to your left. Climb in

the crawlspace and activate the switch. Traverse back across to the

room overlooking the molten lava. A door has opened. Head through it and

slide down.


A lion's waiting for you. Kill it and activate the switch on the wall

to open the door and bring in another lion. Kill it and climb up the

ladder in the next room. Look behind you to get half a piece of Gem

stone. In the next room a Gladiator will rush at you. Kill him. Alcove

he came out of contains medipack. Go up the ramp for another Gladiator.

His alcove contains Uzi clips and a switch. Press the switch. Go ahead

and climb the ramp to your right only to have a lion AND a Gladiator

rush at you. Shoot to kill (before corrections this one

read 'Shoot to ill'!!). Go through the open door. At the back of the

next room you'll get a large medipack and Uzis. These are really

hard to spot.


Get out of this room and head down the ramp and go to your right to be

in a room with a platform and a lever besides it. Climb down the lever.

Pull it three times to raise a pedestal, quickly make a series of jumps

to get the other gem piece from the pedestal. Its actually easy enough.

Here is a quick look-up.


Pull lever facing pedestal - jump to stairs - jump grab thin ledge

- running jump across to block - running jump and grab to the high

ledge - run and make a final jump to the pedestal - take Gem piece.


Go towards the closed door ahead. It opens as you approach. Lara falls

down. Cut-scene. Now don't go straight ahead but go back to the last

room for a secret. To do this, fall off the ledge but press action to

grab it. Now traverse to your right. There is an opening that will

lead you to the pedestal room. Climb up to the pedestal and go towards

the door you fell through last time. Jump to the other room. Get

secret(8), slide back down.


We're on this rollercoaster ride

Hold on, I'll stay here by your side

We head up to the sky then we slide back down

            - "Answer the Phone" by Sugar Ray.


Go to the room ahead. Combine the two Gem pieces and place on the

receptacle. Floor starts to fall apart. Do a quick back flip to

the opposite ledge. Now make a running jump to the side you were

originally on. Fall off and grab the ledge. Traverse to your left

till you reach safety. Climb the block in the next room and climb up.

Another lion AND Gladiator. Take care of them. Grab the Colosseum key

the Gladiator drops. Use it on the door ahead. Another statue comes to

life. For the life of me I'm never going to Rome for vacation, the

statues don't know how to remain statues!!


Entice the statue to the other room. Then fall back through the hole

in the floor you came up to this room through and keep shooting at

the statue. Waste all your ammo cause you don't need them later in

this stage and they will not be there in the next. Now go to the

statue room. Go through the opening to get another Colosseum key

and use it to open the big doors in the statue room. Slide down.


Don't take the stone yet. Running jump to the ledge over the spike pit.

Another running jump to the small ledge on the other side. Climb up and

crawl to the room you'll get a secret(9) in. Now go back and use crowbar

to get the Philosopher's stone from the wall (Harry Potter, anybody??!!).

End of level. FMV.


                        THE BASE



Go ahead till you reach an open door. Cut-scene shows a crane and

its operator. Head directly across the room. Search the locker here

to get Silver key. Go back to the opposite end of the room. See the

door with a place for a key. Use the key and go in. Shoot to kill

the two guys in the room. Take the swipe card one of them drops.

Search the locker for Uzis.


Go back downstairs. Use the swipe card on the door in the opposite

end of the room. Go in. Shoot the dog. See the grate thats almost

falling off. Shoot it, climb up and get secret(10). Now go back and

use the swipe card on the other door. Go up to reach balcony. You

have to get to the other balcony. Here's how.


Running jump to the lower crate (don't press ctrl to grab) - climb

upper crate - Jump across to your right - jump to the crates in the

middle of the room - climb up to the upper crate - running jump to

the lower crate under the other balcony (don't grab) - climb up to

upper crate - running jump and grab the balcony - climb up.


Press button to open door. Go in. Super cool cut-scene. Makes you

wonder why Lara doesn't work for S.E.C. Search locker for ammo and

medipack. Press button to open door. You are on the balcony from

where you initially started. If you use your Binoculars and zoom in,

you'll be able to see some items on top of the crates. Take them.

Yeah, you have to make the jumps for them.


Now head through the way Lara opened. Kill the two guys. Head to your

left. You'll find yourself out in the open. Climb up on the crate on

the train. Then onto the hanging crate. Take a running jump to the

crates on the side of the building. Climb up to get the secret(11).

Get down and use swipe card on the door. Kill the guy and take the

key. Return back to the tracks where you took care of the two guys

and this time take the other path. Go upstairs and use the silver

key to open door. Go ahead. Cut-scene.


See the last ledge to your right, at the end of the building. It has

Laser sight and ammo. Make a series of jumps onto it. Then make a

safety drop down. Use swipe card on the door just below the ledge you

entered this area. Enter and shoot dog. Search lockers for gun, ammo,

medipack and Fuse. Go to the shower area. See the grate on the floor.

Press action to open it. Swim down, at the T-intersection take right.

Its a long swim. In the room that you come out in has secret(12). Make

your way all the way back to the shower room.


Press button to open door near the lockers. Go across the tracks

through the other door to be back outside. See the two broken windows

in the first floor. There are two snipers there. Combine Desert Eagle

and Laser sight and take them out. Go to the room you went in earlier.

Use the fuse in the broken machine panel. A door opens. Kill the dog,

go through the door and press switch to make the crane work. Climb

onto the rail cart and then a running jump and grab onto the hanging

crate. Running jump onto the submarine. Awesome cut-scene.

End of level.



                    THE SUBMARINE



See the broken handrail in your room? Look behind the middle row

bunks. Pry it out to use as a crowbar. Now go to the grate thats

directly in front of you, with the door behind you and to the right.

Use your crowbar on the grate to open it and go through it. Crawl to

a ladder. Climb up. go on. See the shaft with broken fan below? Climb

down. Halfway there is an opening with a secret(13). Go to the extreme

left and let go to end up in the alcove. Take a standing jump to the

other side and climb up. Traverse to the right, up ahead climb up the

ladder. This time you'll get a shaft with live wires dangling. Traverse

again to the right and crawl to the trapdoor. Open it and fall through.

Search the shelves and the drawers for Battery(-ve) and medipack.


Climb back up the way you came. Now traverse to the left and climb up

the ladder up ahead. Going ahead will earn you a cut-scene. After the

cut-scene go straight ahead. Go down the ladder, crawl to the trap door

and fall through it. Tip-toe to the cook (walk quietly). Just behind

him press action twice for Lara to take him out. If he sees you coming

you are done for. Load a previous game then.


Pick up the Bronze key the cook drops and use it on the door that

doesn't have a telephone near it. Search shelves for Silver key and

the drawers for guns. In your inventory select your guns to use them.

Now use the keys on the door with the telephone. Kill the two guys in

the next room. This will be the dining room. Head to your left. At the

T-intersection again take left. Up ahead of the two doors on opposite

sides open the one with the wheel. Climb up the ladder. Continue to

the cargo room. Kill the two guys lurking here. On top of the crates

are Aqualung, shotgun and medipack. Use crowbar on the wooden crate

left of the door and you'll get a secret(14).


Back to the dining room. Kill Lara's attacker here. Turn wheel to open

next door. Someone shoots at you from the right room. Get in and kill

him. Climb onto the crate. Stand facing the speaker box and jump up and

press action to open trapdoor. Climb up. Crawl to the grate where Lara

can stand. Use flare to look for an opening. There's a secret(15) there.

Drop down.


Up ahead there is another trapdoor. Open it and drop down. Kill the guy

that comes in. Search drawers for Battery(+ve). Go through the door in

this room. Go down the hallway passing the dining room on your way. Climb

down the ladder here. Kill the guy here. Go past the door with the wheel

to be in a room with bunks. Here you'll get a medipack. Now go and turn

the wheel on the other door outside this room to be in the torpedo room.


Kill the guy here. Go through the other end of this room and up the

ladder. Turn wheel on the door to your right to kill a guy and get

the Suit Console. Now get out of here and go through the door to the

left ahead. Combine the Suit console and the Aqualung and place it on

the diving suit. Now combine -ve and +ve Battery and place it on the

suit console. Cut-scene.



                DEEP SEA DIVE



All your controls now are same as when you swim without a suit.

Just use '?' for chaff flares. Swim ahead dodging the mini-sub and

misleading it with chaff flares till you find a submarine wreck.

Behind the wreck of the sub is an opening with a secret(16). Now go

up and to your right till you find an opening in the rocks. Swim

through it. Make a left turn to see the opening in the submarine.

Go inside the wrecked sub. Swim in through many openings to get

the Spear of Destiny.


Now to get out and back to your sub remember this.


Straight ahead and up - across and opposite - down - straight up

through the big opening - make a right towards the mini-sub - swim

past it - let the current carry you - swim beneath your sub and go

in through the opening underneath - whew!!




                SINKING SUBMARINE



Go straight ahead and down the ladder. In the torpedo room shoot

the guy, pick ammo and get out of the room. Go right killing a guy

on your way, climb up the ladder. The mid hallway leads to the

dining room but its guarded by fire. Jump over the first fire. Stand

close to either wall and take a standing jump. Before the next jump

enter the adjacent room to get Uzis from shelves. Make the next jump

over the fire. Cut-scene.


Enter dining room. Well, not actually. Avoid the waters, jump from one

table to the next to go through the opposite door. Don't even think

about going into the kitchen. Somehow from the last table jump onto

the doorway. I just found it easier to get into the water and quickly

cross over. Does waste life. Okay, now go into the room to your right.

There waters are safe here. Shoot the guy to get Swipe card. Search

shelves for medipack.


Go back to the dining room. Jump onto the nearest table on the left

side row. Go till you reach the front table, then jump onto the right

side table. Now jump onto the hallway door. Again over fires. At the

intersection take right. There is a hallway with dangling wires.

Playing for the first time this had me stuck for a week. Avoid this

hallway. Use swipe card to open door ahead. Climb up the ladder.


Avoid the room to your left and continue ahead to the room with the

periscope. Look to your right. See the grate thats almost falling

off? Climb onto a table and bring it down. Climb up and crawl to a

trapdoor. Open it and fall through. See the switch on the wall? Stand

underneath it and jump and grab to turn off the power supply. Remember

the locked door. Go back all the way.


Now in the periscope room head to the door to your left. Turn the wheel

to open the door. Go in. Cut-scene.


After cut-scene, remember the room you avoided after climbing up the

ladder. Go inside it to get Nitrogen Canister and Desert Eagle, ammo

and medipack on the floor. Get out and down the ladder. Go through the

dangling wires hallway to your left. Open door with the key you got

during cut-scene. Search lockers for Oxygen canister and medipack.

Exit this room only to have two guys attack Lara. Take them out. Get

the Bronze key one of them drops. Detour for a secret.


Go to the dining room jumping over the fires and then to the adjacent

kitchen get secret(17) from the floor. Go all the way back to the

periscope room.


Again climb up and crawl to the power supply room (where you shut

off the power last time). Use the bronze key to unlock the door here

and get secret(18) from the drawer. Go back to the periscope room. Go

to the room with Admiral Yarofev. Cut-scene.


You know, I was moved by this cut-scene. The guy sure lived for honour.

I really respect that, cause where I come from your honour is all that

you have. Its life, death and beyond.


Climb up the ladder and place Nitrogen canister in its receptacle, then

place in the Oxygen. Cut-scene. Goodbye Admiral Yarofev. FMV.



                    GALLOWS TREE



Ireland is really beautiful!!


For now avoid the hole in the ground behind you. Go to the

edge of the cliff and see the whitish ledge on the other

side of the gorge? Take a running jump and get there. Grab

the thin ledge and traverse to your left, all the way

round the corner. You'll end up on a ledge.


From here take a standing jump to the ledge like structure

in front. Slide back and grab the edge. Let go to end up on

the ledge below. Now face the cave thats behind you. Take a

standing jump to there. Take the secret(19) and medipack.


Go down to the floor of the gorge. See a whitish raised block to

your left? Climb onto it but don't climb into the tunnel. Take a

standing jump to the parallel raised block where you can stand.

Go to the edge and do another standing jump to the whitish flat

region to get a medipack. Make your way to the original whitish

block, climb into the tunnel and make your way all the way up to

the top of the cliff. Again jump onto the whitish ledge (same as

last time). Traverse to the ledge that you end up on. Now jump

to the whitish sliding ledge. Grab the edge and traverse to your

right. After passing the corner, mid-way look down to see an

opening. Let go and press action quickly to grab that opening.


Climb in and crawl ahead. Jump and climb into the blocks to your

right. See the ceiling is lined with fern. Jump and grab it and

monkey crawl across. Go ahead and slide down the ramp to your left.

Go ahead. Spooky cut-scene.


After the cut-scene you'll be left facing the gallows tree. There

are two ways you can head to, to your right and to the left. First


the crawlspace now but jump up to grab the ceiling. Notice that it

is a ladder. Now monkey crawl across. Bats attack. Take medipack.

Go onto the edge. Jump into the well. Press 'shift' with jump for

Lara to make a graceful jump. Follow the tunnels. There are three

T intersections. Make right, right, left in order. Just before the

opening you come out of there is an opening to the left. Its of no

use now. You find yourself in a pond now. Climb the higher wooden

structure. Rats!! Swim to the sliding ramp, climb up and do a back

flip to end up by the side of the house. There is a crawlspace to

your left.


Crawl into a room. Get medipack and look in the drawer for Rubber

tube. Jump into the watered opening in the floor and at the

intersection just head up. You are back in the pond. Again climb

onto the wooden structure and make a running jump to the other

side of the pond. Climb out of water and head through the crawl

space. Now go towards the opposite end of the Gallows tree region

keeping away from the well. But before you go in the crawlspace

face the ramp Lara came down through. See the sloped wall to the

left? Jump and pull up and quickly back flip to the adjacent pillar

to get a secret(20). Now be on your way.


Go through the crawlspace here. You'll find yourself in a region

with boarded up cave. Trespassers will be prosecuted. When has

that frightened Lara? Don't climb up but from the cave below take

Pitch fork. Combine with Rubber tube to make Catapult. Climb up

and use on the boarded cave. Cut-scene.


Go inside the cave. Take the Iron Clapper from the ground. Its

pretty important. Get into the hole in the floor and come out in

the other side. There are some crypts here. The first one near

the tunnel has Wooden Torch. Up ahead one on the left has medipack.

Press draw weapons to drop the torch, pick medipack and again take

the torch. There is a lighted crypt up ahead. Go near the burning

torch and press action to light your torch. Uphill see the doors

and the structure with a receptacle? Avoid for now.


To your right there will be a hole in the ground. Its a ladder.

Climb down. First you have to throw down your torch. Pick it up.

Go straight ahead. Make a right, another right and another right

to see some spikes in the ground. 'Walk' through them to keep Lara

safe. Go to the right end, crouch and then crawl for a medipack

and secret(21). Make your way back to the tunnel. Go straight this

time to be in a room with a weird structure on the ceiling. Go

beneath it and press action to get the Heart you are after.


Runaway with my heart...


I know now, just quite how

My life and love might still go on

In your heart, in your mind

I'll stay with you for all of time.

            - "Wherever you'll go" by The Calling


Pick up the heart. Before doing this you'll have to lose your torch.

Cut-scene. After the cut-scene don't fall into the pit. But pick up

your torch and get out of this room. Don't go right - there is a spike

pit, go straight ahead, take a right and another right to end up near

the ladder. Drop your trusted torch and climb up. There is another way

out which will lead you to the Gallows Tree region. In that case find

you way till here. Go to the door, place the heart in the receptacle.



Crawl through. Follow the passage. On the way you'll cross a bridge.

Continue to the end of the level.



                    THE LABYRINTH



To your left will be an iron gate. If you go near it you'll get

a cut-scene. Before that, go to the front of the room to get three

switches with designs on the wall. Press the middle one first, then

the left and finally the right. Cut-scene. The iron doors have opened.


Don't be hasty in getting back to the gate. There are five skeletons

that you have to avoid. If you go a bit close to them you'll see a

misty outline but they will not attack but a bit further they will

lay your life waste. So, let the misty outline warn you of their

presence. To avoid them walk (hold down shift) along the white tiles

on the floor to your right with your back to the switches on the

wall - then walk very close to the bench - make a turn along its

edge - quickly go towards the iron gates for the cut-scene.


Go through the gate. Inspect the raised newel on the last bench to

get Bone dust. Again return to the outer chapel and walk carefully

avoiding the skeletons and use the Bone dust on the cauldron to the

left of the switches on the wall. Cut-scene. This room is safe now.


Go to the other end of the room where a door has opened. Go in,

straight ahead, with the ramp to the left there is a ledge to climb.

Climb up and activate the switch to open a door in the room with the

skeleton with sword. Get down and go through the door to the other

room where a door has opened near the skeleton with sword. Go in to

get medipack and get secret(22) from the niche in the wall. Go close

and press action. Now go back to the ramp and slide down to a room

where you'll be attacked by bats. Crouching in a corner helps. After

the bats are gone Go to the edge of the pit and make a safety drop

down to end up in a pool of water. Climb out. Really spooky cut-scene.


Go up the ramp till you get a doorway leading to an alternate path.

Go through it. You'll get a turning bridge. Before crossing the

bridge turn left to face the break in the railing just inside the

entrance. From here, take a running jump across the lava pool to

grab the ledge in the corner. Don't pull up into the alcove. Instead

traverse around the corner to the right and pull up into the next

alcove. Turn around to face the ledge extending from the triple-face

doorway. Position Lara at the right side of the alcove, where the

ceiling is higher, and take a running jump, pressing action so that

she lands on the ledge. Go through the door and follow the passage

to the secret(23). Return to the ledge above the lava pool. Turn right

take a running jump to grab the edge of the alcove, traverse back

around the corner to the left and pull up into the other alcove.

Turn around and take a running jump back to the bridge. There is

a switch on the bridge. Press it to turn the bridge.


There are two more bridges. DON'T press the switch on the next

bridge. Follow the path revealed. Up the ramps till you get another

such detour. Pass this bridge without pressing the switch. Again up

the ramps. The third and final detour. But instead of making it

continue up the ramps till the end to get a medipack in a crawlspace.

Go down and to the last bridge. Pick up the Bestiary. Now take a

running jump to the ledge on the other side.


Follow the ramps to the dancing lights. Take the medipack. Grab the

ledge climb up. You have to make a jump to the flat ledge to your

left. But before that, a secret. See a small opening near the

ledge you are supposed to jump upon. It has a secret. Go to the edge

of the ledge you are on. Stand Lara facing a bit left, jump up and

grab the ceiling and monkey crawl across. Just above the opening

get go and again press action to grab the opening. Go in.


Traverse across the pit with spikes. Get the secret(24). Go back

and this time take a standing jump to the ledge near the secret

opening. From here take a running jump across to the other ramp.

Go up. Slide down the ramp now. Finally you get to the labyrinth.


THE BEAST AND THE LIGHTS: Yeah, you are the star of this skit.

Follow the lights and jump over the pits, escape the beast to

get out of the labyrinth. Incase you fall down follow the paths

till you can climb out and you get to start at the beginning of

the labyrinth. The dancing lights will always guide you. I find

this kind of Angelic, don't you?


At the end of the labyrinth slide down the ramp, pick the

medipack and go through the open coffin. Cut-scene.

End of level.


                    OLD MILL



Straight ahead of you is a wooden board on the ground. If you

cross it you'll get a scary cut-scene. But going that way is of

no use to you now. So, head left and through the passages. At the

intersection head left to get a medipack and see a burning torch

that you'll need later. Now go back to the intersection and head

the other way. You'll be overlooking a huge gorge. See the minions

of the Antichrist to your left? They'll be hindering your progress.


Take a running jump to the rope. Shimmy down to its end. Turn towards

the passage you just came out of. There are two ledges, one to your

right and one to the left. First take the left one. Use sprint key to

swing ('?', by default). About three swings, press jump while letting

go of action to end up on the ledge. Press action to grab ledges.

Pick up the torch. Slide down to the passage and again head to the

intersection and light your torch at the burning torch on the wall.


Head back out to the gorge. Carefully throw your torch on the other

ledge, near the minions. That takes care of them. Now again grab the

rope and this time swing to the ledge to the right, while facing the

passage, opposite to the ledge where you got your torch. Climb up.

See the brown rusted part of the grille? Pry it out to get Crowbar.

Get down to the minion ledge. Go through the crawlspace to get a



Jump back to the passage ledge. Again jump upon the rope and this

time face the minion ledge. See the crawlspace above it? You have

to get there. Aim for the V-shaped ledge above and you'll get to

the crawlspace. Crawl in to get medipack and the chalk piece from

the wall. Crawl back out. Fall to the minion ledge. Jump back to

the passage ledge. On the opposite side there is a medipack but

its really hard to reach, so might just avoid it. Get out of the

passage to where you started this stage.


Walk ahead to the wooden board on the ground an press action for

cut-scene. After cut-scene go straight and slide down the ramp.

Cut-scene. Now look for a reddish stream and jump into it. Swim

along the current and you'll find two openings, one to each side,

with a giant wheel in front of you. Climb out to the opening to your

left. Let the right opening stay for now. Climb out to see the old

mill. Jump into the water. Keep the cage down here in mind. Swim

to your left. Deep down there is a golden lighted passage. Go through

it, to see a witch. I guess thats what she is cause sure as hell

she ain't Aeriel, the little mermaid. Stay out of her sight and

when she goes to the back room, swim quickly and take the coin on

top of the gold pile. Cut-scene. Swim straight up for a breather.

Now swim to the cage at the bottom of the pool which is ahead and

to your right and press action near it to get a cut-scene.


Now swim back to the witch's lair, follow the tunnels and climb up

to end up inside the mill. Go up to the ramps to get a turning wheel.

This is a timed run to the door at the other side. Press action near

the wheel four times. Quickly go to the edge of the landing, jump

and grab the pole for Lara to swing, two swings and let go to end

up on the other side. Jump to the ledge near the door and facing

the door press roll ('end', by default) to get inside the door.

Bats attack. Now go to the ramp but don't slide down. Jump up to

grab the landing here. Climb up and jump and grab the switch on

the opposite wall. Cut-scene.


Slide down the ramp and through the underwater tunnel go outside.

Now see the crawlspace to your right in the hillside? Crawl in to

get medipack and secret(26). Follow the passages to reach the barn.

To the left side of the barn is reddish stream. Swim through the

tunnels to get an bluish opening to your left. Don't climb out but

swim ahead through the underwater tunnels till you get an opening

to your left. Climb up to a room with the secret(27). Go back the

way you came till you reach a bluish doorway where you can climb



Follow passages to end up in the hillside near the barn. Take a

running jump to the while flat surface of the jump. Keep jumping

to the flat surfaces to reach the small mill near the barn. Now

press crouch near the small opening with Lara's back to the opening.

Press action and the back crawl for Lara to end up inside.

Or while pressing crouch facing the opening, press jump and

foward key to end up inside. Press the switch for a final

(pretty educating and chilling) cut-scene. FMV.


After these three levels in Ireland I have to say, these three

levels have scared me more than any Resident Evil, Clock Tower

or Alone in the Dark put together. And another thing. Lara was

like sixteen in this chapter. I swear, if things like those had

happened to me when I was sixteen I'd be having nightmares till

I was fifty-one!!



                    THE 13TH FLOOR



Good God! Look at Lara, will ya. She's blazing.


Listen to what Zip has to say. Now you'll have two directions to

choose from. To your right will be a ladder and easy way out of

here. To your left will be a laser studded detour. Choose the left

pathway only if you are after secrets. You know, trying to collect

all thirty-six in the game. Okay I'll lead you to left first. Equip

your gun and aim for the duct vent. Use the look key to scope. Now

crawl in take the medipack. Crawl ahead to get cut-scene. On your

way ahead. There is a laser trap. Don't raise your head. While laser

moves to the other side get up and jump over to the other side and

then quickly crouch and crawl ahead.


There is a crawlspace to your left. Crawl in and end up in a dark

storeroom. Get the hammer, medipack and ammo from here. Get back

up and this time shoot the reddish vent to be in the room you saw

in the cut-scene. Get the secret(28). Climb up and go back the way

you came negotiating the lasers. Crawl out to where you started

this  level. See that the ladder so easily accessible earlier is

now guarded by an array of lasers. Well time your run negotiating

the lasers to reach the ladder. Climb up. Get a cut-scene ahead.


Collect ammo. See the lock on the gate, if you headed left earlier

go near it and press action for Lara to use the hammer on the door.

You don't have to face the armoured monster in that case or if you

don't have the hammer, aim at the lock and shoot. You'll end up in

the armoured monster room. Beware he's dangerous in close quarters.

Aim for his face. Has anyone survived bullets to their faces?


My face burns with crimson fire.

My face is a tangled mass.

But at last my heart is clear.

The Moon will not brighten this long night.

            - from TENCHU 2 when Ayame dies.


If you faced the armoured monster jump onto the upper covering

of the metal pass and then climb up to continue ahead. If you

didn't face him just continue ahead. Fall through the hole ahead

and get the medipack and climb up to be in a room with a weird

ladder. Climb up watching out for the lasers. On the top aim for

the metal covering with holes, to your left. Shoot it and climb

up. Go a bit ahead, take out your gun. See the guard on duty. If

he sees you, you're done for. Stay out of his sight and aim for

his head. You'll get only one shot before he's alerted. So take

your best shot.


When he's iced, climb down, head right and shoot the vent near

the cola machine. Crawl through. Don't alert the sleeping guard.

Walk quietly to him and put one behind his head. Take the access

card from the table. From the store room behind take what you

get. Now go to the elevator near where you crawled out. Go to

the 16th floor. There are two guards. Walk up to the big box.

Hiding behind it aim for the second guard's head. Zoom in and

take a shot. Then take out the next guard. Head right and down

the sloping passage you'll see a guard with his back to you if

you haven't alerted him. Go for his head.


Now go to the triangle shape door. Use the access card. Sheath your

gun or the techies will make dead meat of you. Go inside and press

the switch to turn on the Iris hologram. Go back to where you shot

the lone guard. Go through the door than the opposite door to be

in room with suits. Go to the one the left end and press the

switch to get the access disc. Pick it up and return by the elevator

to the 13th floor. Go past the cola machine to the end and use the

access disc here to open vent. Climb in.


Cut-scene. This is the frequency of the explosions. Four huge,

several small. At the end of the fourth big boom ump and grab

the pole. Shimmy halfway down and then back flip into opening

to get secret(29). Again count the explosions and then grab the

pole all the way down. Crawl to room with catwalks and armoured

guy. Cut-scene. Go straight ahead and get the medipack and cloth

from the room behind. After exiting take the other route to end

up on the other catwalk parallel to the first. Go ahead and down

the stairs. Don't make a noise. Walk with the walls to Lara's left

always. Hug the walls. Go to the door underneath the first catwalk.

Use the access card here to open the door.


Go in and from the first closet get medipack and chloroform vial.

Avoid second closet. Combine chloroform and cloth. Walk up to the

armoured guy. Few steps behind him press action to subdue him and get

cut-scene. Use the access card on the glass door. Go in only to have

another armoured guy rush at you. Go for his face. Pick up the Iris

disc he drops. Use on the computer ahead to open doors. See the doors

directly opposite. Keep these in mind for a secret. There is a

guard patrolling here. If he sees you are dead. This is what

you are supposed to do. When he returns back to the other side go

and hide in the first alcove, then when he again goes back to the

other side hide in the next alcove and from there rush to the room

on the other side. Here is what I did. I ran straight into the room

and caught the guard on the other side with my guns blazing. He didn't

have a chance to turn on the machine gun. Go ahead to get a cut-scene.


Don't go into the room. Decide if you want the last secret in this

level or not. If you don't walk in to the room with your guns drawn.

If you do want the secret, then shoot down the techie working here.

Two guards will rush out of the earlier closed door. Shoot them,

avoid the machine gun overhead. Go through the door. There are two

more guys ahead. Shoot them down. Aim for the head. Now you'll get a

sloping ramp with a laser guard. When the laser passes to the right

head left for the secret(30) again when it goes to the other side

quickly run and duck in the midway passage. Now when the lasers pass

left head right and go through the door. Go up the stair to get to

the room overlooking the Iris room.


Now this will be timed run. Pull the switch and quickly run down to

the Iris room and get the Iris before the lasers are activated. Its

kind of hard. There is a bug here. Instead of taking the long way

out do this. Pull switch - back jump to the second window - crouch

and back crawl to the Iris room through the window. It works!! Take

the Iris and head through the open door. Up ahead. End of level.


                ESCAPE WITH THE IRIS



Go ahead, stop to listen to what Zip has to say. Go near the tray

to your left. Put your guns there. Now go through the X-ray hallway.

Stay away from the first suitcase but get the medipack from the second.

Go to the end of the hallway and pass the lounge. Don't go to your

left. That passage is guarded by lasers. Use your headset and then

press action to see the lasers. For now go left. Press action at the

monitor to get a view of the stairs outside. You'll be there later.


There is a door leading to the restroom which has a number lock. Avoid

that for now. The office door nearby opens when you approach it. Get

the vial of chloroform from there. Now back to the right hallway. Head

through the door to your right. Get the cloth from here. Combine cloth

and chloroform. Back to the hallway, continue ahead. Cut-scene. Walk

to the guard. Press action behind him to subdue him in a cut-scene.


Enter the room the guard was near. Get medipack from here. From the

next two rooms ahead get another vial of chloroform and Restroom card.

Remember the restroom with the number lock, well, go back to it.

Inspecting the restroom card in your inventory will reveal the code

to you as 8526. Press action near the keypad. Enter the numbers,

then press action. Enter the restroom with the number lock.


I guess this is how a standard VCI board meeting goes:


Okay, members what are the important issues facing us today.


Sir, I think we should stock more chloroform. Most of the people

are running out of chloroform. And I heard Trey from 5th is also

taking some home for his family.


Thats distasteful!! I'll personally reprimand Trey for such an act.


Anything else.




Yes, Maya.


We should also change the access code for the restroom. I think

someone is actually using the facilities.


Oh my God! what has this world come to. I know it must be the

techies from the 16th. They'll never learn to use the outlets

in their suits!!


Okay, enough of my zany sense of humour. Back to the game. Go to

the middle stall in the Ladies room and press action for Lara to

kick open the door. Take medipack. Now go to the Men's room. First

stall stand on the doorway and jump straight up to grab a hidden

trapdoor in the ceiling. Climb up. Crawl ahead. At the end, turn

around and go backward grabbing the edge. Let go and again press

action for Lara to hold on to another opening. Let go again.


Another duct to crawl. Turn around, go backwards and climb down

the wall. All the way down when Lara can't go any further press

right, then press down again for Lara to end up in an alcove.

Get the secret(31) here.


Jump and grab the chain in front of the alcove. Climb all the

way up. Then do a backflip to a ledge. Running jump to the pole

ahead. This one is always tricky. I got through by going all the

way right and then doing a running jump. Avoid standing on the

middle or left of the ledge for the jump. Grab the pole. Two

swings and let go to end up in an alcove on the other side. From

the alcove stand facing the elevator top. Take a standing jump,

grab and pull up to be on top of the elevator. Here you'll get

some ammo. Now stand on the dark square with the VCI logo with

the alcove you just came from to your left. Now press action to

open a trapdoor. The dark VCI logo square is not the trapdoor.

Fall through. Press switch to activate the elevator. Go near the

doors and as soon as they open head left. Avoid the guard to your

right. The right hallway is also laser trapped.


To your left will be the other elevator. Press the switch and get

into it and then be on your ride up. Cut-scene. While the camera

pans around Lara after cut-scene make Lara go to the elevator

control panel cause as soon as the doors open Lara is under fire.

Forget getting out of the elevator. Press switch quickly. Cut-scene.

For a short time you get control of Lara before the elevator crashes.

Go to the switches and press the switch quickly. You'll be safe.

Well, kind of. Cut-scene.


There is an opening on the top. Climb the textured wall to it.

Out in the open look for a horizontal pole. Jump to it. Swing to

the ledge pressing action to grab the ledge. Climb the textured

wall to your right. Backflip to a ledge as soon as you reach

another pipe on the wall, near the red light. From this ledge

jump to another horizontal pole. Swing to the other side. Look

at the wall to see a crawlspace above you, a bit to the left.


Climb in. Slide down the ramp. On the second ramp press jump and

action to grab a pole as soon as you reach some metal grates on

the floor. Swing to another pole. From here swing to the ledge

keeping the fires in mind. As soon as you are on the ledge go

back to escape the fires. Go to the other part of the ledge.

From here jump to the opening on the opposite wall.


Climb in. Rope walk to the other side. Take chloroform vial.

Slide down the ramp. Go through the crawlspace. You'll come

out in a hallway with a guard and a glass water tank. Go in front of

the glass water tank for the guard to shatter the glass. Pick the

secret(32) from the depression to the right. Now head through the

way to the left of the aquarium. The guard will not follow you.

Climb up the grill to the left of the door here and climb on to

the ledge. A sniper is targeting Lara. Go quickly to the switch

and press it to deactivate the lasers in front of the other door.


Now go to the fire extinguisher to the right and let the sniper

target Lara. Quickly step away to have the sniper blow away the

wall and then go in and get the secret(33). Get down quickly and

go through the door you just opened.


Go through the hallway but don't walk through the floor of the

room at the end. Jump to the other side near the aquarium. Let

the guard shoot this one too. Go and press the switch to your left,

with Lara's back to the aquarium. Go through the door. Then quickly

go through the door to your left. Cut-scene. You'll have to be very

careful in this room. Walk to the two switches and press them. Then

run through the door ahead. Quickly enter the room to the right at

the end of the hallway. You'll be in a bluish room. You are safe

here. Go through the other door in this room to be in a room with



Just in front of the entrance there is a trapdoor in the ceiling.

Facing the entrance, jump up and open the trapdoor. Go through to

another room overlooking the suitcases. Press switch. Cool, huh?

Okay concentrate on the middle suitcase to your left. Zoom in with

your headset. See the disc? Now go back and get the disc. Beware

all other suitcases contain bombs. Now go back to the bluish room

and use the disc in the computer in room behind. Go and place the

Iris in the receptacle in the middle of the room. You'll be

teleported to another room. So much for the afterglow.


In this room fall though the hole in the floor. Go through the

passage. Cut-scene. Zoom in to the keypad with your headset to

get the code. Its hard to do. The code is 1672. Go ahead and

through the crawlspace. Hide in the crawlspace. The guard will

again come out and then go in. This time use the code and go in.

Walk to the guard and just behind him escape to the inventory and

then combine chloroform and cloth and press use to get the guard.

Now press the switch to the right. What I did was when the guard

went in I entered the code and went in. The guard shot at me. But

I quickly pressed the switch, climbed the crawlspace and was out of

there. I had figured since the level was about to end whatever damage

I took will be replenished in the next level since the end of

the level was close.


Climb into the opening and then get out to end up where you

started the level.


Pick up your guns ("all personnel you are weapons free") and this

time again head left at the intersection.


At the door near the monitor there is a fire extinguisher. Shoot it

to blow open the door. Go through to end up in the staircase. End of

level cut-scene.


                        RED ALERT!!



You'll start this level at the stairs. Don't move. Look up to see

the armoured monster. Go for his face. He falls taking a portion

of the stairs with him. Go ahead and jump to the ledge ahead. From

here jump and grab the ledge to the right. Go up these stairs but

the next stairs will crash so halfway up jump to the other side.


Now climb down the fallen stairs to an alcove to get secret(34).

Never mind the fires. Jump back to grab the stairs and then climb

up. Jump onto the ledges till you reach the top ledge with a

cracked wall near the floor.


Press action for Lara to kick it in. Now crawl through the way

revealed. You'll be in a room underneath a grate. To the right

of the opening you crawled in through. Press action under it for

Lara to open it. Climb up and shoot the guard. Up ahead take ammo

from top of the boxes. Now see the hallway with black with white

stripes floor? Well, its laser trapped. Aim the valve and shoot it.

Now you'll be able to see the lasers in the steam. Cross over to

the other side. Mind each laser carefully. The lasers follow the

pattern: up, off, down, off for a longer period.


Once you are on the other side and go to the next hallway a guard

attacks from your right. Kill him. Now on top of the box to the left

you'll get a medipack. Go to the elevator and ride it to another floor.

Another guard attacks here. Waste him. Now there are two glass doors

directly opposite to you. Door to right has secret (well, not

actually...but it will be required to get the secret).


Go through the door to the left. Take ammo. SAVE YOUR GAME. You'll get

no second chance. Story of my life. Okay now, equip your gun. Press

switch. Shoot the targets quickly. You are supposed to shoot them in

the order: middle, left, end left, right, end right. What I did was

get the HK in Rapid mode and blast the hell out of the targets. But

thats me, total disregard for authority. If you are able to shoot them

before they cross the line on the floor the door to the other

shooting range just next door will open. If you are after secrets

and don't get the other door opened, unable to shoot the targets

soon enough, I'd ask you to load a saved game.


If you are successful in getting to the other shooting range

then mind you this one is difficult and will drain you. Shoot

these targets in this order: mid, left, end right, right, left,

end left, right end. Don't get cocky. There are three more targets.

Shoot them in order: mid, left, right. In this range there is no

room for error. Any mistakes and you are done for. Load a previous

saved game incase of any complications. When this is done get out

of here and up the corridor. To the end there will be two more

glass doors. If you got through the second shooting range, go

through the door to the left and get the secret(35) and ammo from



Enter next room. Get ammo from here and the Grappling gun from

behind the green lasers. Go through the other door in this room.

In the next room there is another armed enemy. Ice him. Now aim

your grappling gun at the vent in the ceiling. The scope will turn

green. Now climb up the crate and jump to grab the rope. There

is an opening to the right. See the cracked line on the wall leading

to the opening? Swing and grab it. Traverse right to the opening.

Climb in. Equip your HK. Slide down the ramp. Two armoured monsters

at a distance. Go for the face before they come near. I also

encountered another guard here. Waste him too. Now go to the

elevator and ride to the floor with the lasers.


Out of the elevator you'll get another guard. I should probably say

'soldier' giving him the deserved respect. Whatever. Take him out.

Again cross the lasers and through the grate floor go to the

crawlspace and crawl out to the staircase. Now aim your grappling

gun at the broken stair above. Jump and grab the rope and swing

to the other side. Slide down but jump and grab the ledge not to

end up in the fire. Now crawl through the crawlspace to overlook

a room with a guard. You are done for if you alert the guard. See

the box below to your right? Turn Lara a bit to the right then

press forward and jump to end up on the box. Take a shot at the

guard's head. Go down and press the switch.


Now go out of the door and press the button for the elevator. Ride

the elevator to another floor. You'll come out in a room with the

Helipad exit. This will be the end of the level for you. See the

receptacle to the left. You'll need a key for that. Now as soon as

you get out of the elevator two guys gate-crash from the ceiling.

Oh yeah, you are in Mission:Impossible!! Shoot the guys to bring

them down. Go near the helipad door. With your back to the key

receptacle do a running jump and grab to the rope swinging in front

of you. Incase you are confused which rope to swing from, its the

rope closest to the boxes in the opposite part of the room.

Swing to the boxes. Stand in the middle of the box and jump and

grab to open the door above you. Two more guards ambush Lara. Take

them out. Climb up. Okay sometimes this door doesn't open. In that

case just jump and grab to climb in, never mind the closed door.


Go ahead to a button. You'll never know what that button does cause

as soon as you're near it the floor falls open and Lara slides down.

Fall through the duct in the floor. Before that keep the ladder ahead

in mind. All the doors are laser guarded except one to your right,

the one marked "H". Go through it to get a crawlspace. Crawl in and

go through the passage till you reach a grate that falls open. Don't

go into the room. Get your HK in sniper mode or burst, for the matter,

and shoot the cyborg prancing below. When the cyborg sees you and

comes at you with guns blazing then retreat into the crawlspace and

then again come out to shoot him. Shoot him till his metallic

skeleton shows and he starts to spark. Now just fall onto the box

to your right. Aim at the red valve below the metallic duct you came

in through and shoot it to flood the room.


The cyborg will die. If he doesn't then pump some more bullets into

him till he does. When he does he drops half of the Helipad key.

Don't step into the water to get it. Take a running jump to the

black ledge between the two metallic ducts. Take your grappling

gun and aim at the vent in the ceiling. Climb onto the duct you

came in through and jump and grab the rope. Swing to the alcove

to the other side. Press switch to drain the water. Now take a

running jump to the metallic duct. And from the black ledge do a

safety drop down to get the key half. Take medipack and whatever

ammo you get here. The duct you came in through is the one you have

to go out of. But since the grate has closed, climb up and swing to

the alcove and press the switch to fill the room again with water.

Again refrain from the waters of death. Climb on top of the duck

you came in and then hang from the edge. Let go and again press

action to grab the lower part. Climb in and go through the



Go through the opposite doorway. There is a glass corridor. To your

left will be another door you'll just go in while returning. There

will be a chopper shooting at you. Just run to the other side

jumping over the holes in the ground. If you fall through climb up

quickly without going for the pick-ups unless you got a serious

death wish. The room here is fairly safe. Go to the next room and

press the switch behind the bar. SAVE THE GAME. Do not save the

game in between your run starting right now. Run back to the glass

corridor. You'll meet another cyborg on the way out. Jump over the

holes in the ground. Head through the door you noticed earlier. It

will be to your right now. Run ahead. Left turn and then another

left and finally another left to be in a room with a switch. If

you were quick enough you'll see the cyborg run over your head

through the grate above you. Press switch quickly to trap the



If you are unable to trap the cyborg load save game cause otherwise

he'll follow you and you won't be able to kill him and thus finish

the game. This one can't be killed by bullets.


Okay, so the cyborg is trapped. Now go right and through the door to

your right unguarded by lasers. Go straight through the door to

enter the poison gas rooms. Watch Lara's oxygen bar. Crouch for a

breather whenever necessary. Straight ahead you'll be in a room

with a switch. Press it and then look to your left to see a

secret(36) (last one in the game) in a crawlspace. You'll be able

to catch your breadth here. Get out of here and in the next room

there will be two guards. Just run past them. Go through the door

to your right. You will be in a room with a glass wall showing the

trapped cyborg. Pull the switch on the wall to fill his room with

poison and watch him whither and die. Again pull the switch and

get out of here. Head right to the intersection and into the passage.

Go and press the switch you used to trap the cyborg.


The steel doors will open. Get the key half. Combine both halves to

get Helipad access key. Now go down the corridor to the glass corridor

where the chopper is still waiting for you. Head right and go through

the Helipad door. A left at the intersection. Climb up, turn around and

jump and grab the ladder ahead. Climb up to the duct. Fall through the

opening to be in the Helipad room. If the doors didn't open for you last

time still fall through to be in the helipad room. Use the helipad key

in the receptacle to open the door. Go through to end level and game.

Final FMV.






The whole walkthrough took me about a week to write. I started on one

Saturday and ended on the next (5th, Jun '04). I'm quiet proud of myself

for not letting myself fail and see this through to the end. If nothing

else, I hope you appreciate the work I have done.





I'm finally done. Now for all the people I've to thank.


- my foster parents for adopting me and giving me a new life.


- my sisters Saima, Nabeela and Nida. You always believed in me

and proved that some relationships are thicker than blood.


- Irshad, cause you believe that one day I'll make it to the list

of sexiest men of RANK™ and also into Juiciest Hookups™!!


- Im, Dee and Jo. We did make an awesome foursome, didn't we? Especially

Jo who believes I have the raunchiest love-live ever except that she

calls it corrupted!!


- Akash, who loves Lara Croft and Wonder Woman, for always being there

for me.







I'm sorry to my dog Winters whenever I had to write something about

killing dogs in this walkthrough. No animal should be killed without

a reason. Bloodsport is the lowest kind of sport there is. This doesn't

mean that I mean any disregard to Eidos.


After writing this walkthrough, I have even more respect for Stella

who had written a walkthrough for TR4. To do that for a game with

35 huge levels is an awesome job and should be really appreciated.

Raising my glass to her....

Stella's Tomb Raider site:


Tomb Raider 5: Chronicles is one of the best games ever made. It

might not be as educating as TR4 but its better to play and with

less levels quicker to finish which I did quite like, keeping in

mind the laborious 35 levels I had to go through to complete TR4.

Now I'm dying for TR6: Angel of Darkness.


At the end of the Irish levels I had commented on Resident Evil,

Clock Tower and Alone in the Dark. I didn't mean any disregard to

any of these games. In fact Resident Evil 3: Nemesis is one of my

all time favourite games and upon the walkthrough of which I had

worked months to perfect.





In the end its dedicated to the girl I'll never have. I'll happily

live a lifetime if only just to stare at her from afar.


Her boyfriend, he don't know anything about her

He's too stoned,

I wish I could make her see,

She's just the flavour of the week.

        -"Flavor of the Week" by American Hi-Fi.





Coming from a boy who wasted half of his life in rehab, trust me,

stay away from drugs. You'll be only letting down everyone who

ever believed in you. Peer acceptance is not worth enough living

through Hell. I have watched my best friend whither away.









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