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1.  30 things boys want girls to know!

2. More things boys want gals to know!

3. A survey 'bout you - You've got to check this!!

4. The sexiest women list (click for the hottest pictures and wallpapers)

5. Jokes - the funniest, most hilarious, craziest jokes from all over. (Updated: 26/11)

6. Things you'll never hear a dad say!

7. Things never to be said during sex.

8. Things to ponder and laugh at.

9. Lessons that life teaches and the humour in them.

10. 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Daughter

11. What making love to a beautiful woman is all about

12. Astrological Condoms

13. If you love somebody, set them free

14. Revenge upon Telemarketeers

15. Things you didn't know about India

16. Dictionary of Love

17. Q and A (Lets check your IQ!)

18. Funniest Police quotes

19. What women want to hear from men

20. New year Resolutions


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