24th Feb '06 - I woke up this morning with a video in my inbox. It turned out to be of Tammy. Well Tammy is apparently a cheerleader in NYP. And she made the most fatal error of all. To make your own sex video with someone you love is no problem but its a sin when a third person sees it. Cause that ends with the whole world being a voyeur to your private moments. Its said some rival leaked her video from her cell. I guess she (her rival) didn't count on it becoming such a big issue.


More news floating around is that some hackers have hacked into her institutions' computers and made her documents and records public. Well, seems like the price for being popular is pretty high.


To tell the truth its a 17 year old girl in the video. Give her a break. Didn't we all give in to our hormones sometime or the other. Remember the girl doing a strip tease routine and giving lap dance to her dorm mates. Things would have remained under the wraps if only she hadn't allowed camera phones inside the room. We all make mistakes and learn from them but something like this just makes it very hard to go back to your old life. Somehow I feel to get over something like this you have to start over again.





By the way, here a few tips if you ever make your own sex video:


- Do NOT share, do not brag about it: Know that it is something special between you and your lover and respect that.


- Do not trust any of your friends. They don't know what its like to be you. While you wouldn't want to be the deer caught in the headlights.


- If you phone is bluetooth, wi-fi or infra-red enabled, your video is as good as gone. Keep it inside folders which are always overlooked. Don't lose sight of your phone in parties or gatherings. If you know you might get high, leave the evidence at home.


- Your computer may not be a safe place to store if it is used by others besides you.


- If you burn a copy of it, don't write on the disc "My Sex Tape with ------".


- Paris Hilton's popularity increased with the circulation of her tape. You may not be that lucky. There is a difference between being famous and infamous, you know.




Anyways if your tape does become public here's what you do:


- Incase your face is not that clear (as is the case with most 1.3MP camera phones) deny at the top of your voice that it is you. Say it is a morphed attempt to malign your name. Not true but still......


- Leave for someplace where they don't know you and specially haven't seen your video. Outside the country preferred.


- Blame your most hated enemy for leaking the video, you might as well make him/her look bad cause there is no way in hell you'll look good in any way!


- What the hell, admit it was you in the video and when people ask you about it say, "Did you like my performance?" "Was it enjoyable? "Were you inspired? "Were you jealous?"


- If you are into the whole sex before camera thing without any qualms, can always join the porn industry. Few people find the job of their dreams. And anyways getting paid for what you love doing is a GOOD thing.



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