I'm finally done. Now for all the people I've to thank.




- my foster parents for adopting me and giving me a new life. I'm

sorry I couldn't be a better son.


- my sisters Saima, Nabeela and Nida. You always believed in me

and proved that some relationships are thicker than blood.


- Irshad, cause you believe that one day I'll make it to the list

of sexiest men of RANK™ and also into Juiciest Hookups™!!


- Im, Dee and Jo: my best friends. We did make an awesome foursome,

didn't we?

Jo who believes I have the raunchiest love-live ever except that

she calls it corrupted!!

Dee cause you always thought of what was good for me even if that was

something I never did for myself.

Im cause you always tried to save me. You kept me alive, bro.


- Akash, who loves Lara Croft and Wonder Woman, for always being there

for me.


- Zu, you taught me live, taught me to die. In my heart - you'll live



- Aini, cause you are the most special girl that I know. And definitely

the nicest. The world needs more people like you, girl.


- Aki, you added the colours in my life.


- Zeya, you'll always be my favourite girl.


- and you, whoever you are for reading this right now.






            I found a reason for me,

            To change who I used to be,

            A reason to start over new,

            And the reason is you....

                    - "The Reason" by Hoobastank






In the end its dedicated to the girl I'll never have. I'll happily

live a lifetime if only just to stare at her from afar.


Her boyfriend, he don't know anything about her

He's too stoned,

I wish I could make her see,

She's just the flavour of the week.

           -"Flavor of the Week" by American Hi-Fi.





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