Here are some of the pictures dear to me. My pictures are just for show, my friends' pics are the special ones!!

There are more pictures here. No use trying to access them if you aint got the key.

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Me looking so happy

My picture

Hmm...what is Deba trying to do to Im!!

Me and Akash with his devilish grin

All hail King Irshad!!

Jo, Me, Im and Dee (from left)

Akash making love to MY "Saggy the Frog"

Me again

Classic picture. Just check out both of their expressions.

Me, grandma and Saggy the Frog

Emon playin' up!

My room

My Room

Early in the morning with me looking......tired?!!

This one was taken before I cut off my hair. Oh! that painful day!

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