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So, this is my site - thanks to Frihost. If you're looking for a good host, this is it. The best free host if you ask me.

Update:  Been ages since I last updated. But this time I promise to be good and put in more effort here. Some sections will be changed. Broken links will be fixed. Till then, cheers!
P.S. I just realized that this site is almost eight years old, few months older than Facebook!  Boy have so many things changed!!

I'll be accepting contributions for the Things to Care About section, since I rarely have time to work on it. So if you want to write on anything  that's happening in your part of the world and you'd like to let everybody know, do feel free to send it to me here.


Table of Contents:

1. Game Walkthroughs, Trainers and Save Games

2. All 'bout me

3. Ringtones, softwares, wallpapers, UltraMp3 skins et al

4. Fun stuff - jokes, fun surveys, sexiest list and pics et al

5.  Things that you care about, things that you don't

6. Links to other sites

7. Chat




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